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Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About The MTP Kit
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Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About The MTP Kit
Order MTP kit online to terminate an unwanted gestation. This pregnancy termination procedure has a 95-98% efficacy rate.

What is the MTP kit?

MTP Kit is a non-surgical abortion procedure used to terminate an unwanted gestation by a safe and effective method. You can purchase MTP kit online which contains a combination of two medicines, Mifepristone single pill consisting of 200mg strength together with four tablets, each of 200 mcg strength.

What are the advantages of using an MTP kit?

It is convenient to use and can be used at home. Also, it is a non-invasive method of maintaining privacy, especially essential for women who want to keep their termination confidential. This process does not involve surgical tools or anesthesia and is cost-effective as compared to Surgical Abortion process. It is easily accessible almost everywhere, also you can purchase Abortion Pill online from the online store.

How long does the procedure takes to complete?

The administration procedure of medicines is done within a couple of days. The symptoms include such as bleeding and cramping begin within 1-4 hours of the second pill administration. Gradually, it slows down within a day, but bleeding and spotting may continue for a minimum of up to 14 days to complete the termination process. 

What things to consider after post-Abortion with medicine?

After taking the Abortion Pills, it is important to take rest and relax for at least a couple of days. Avoid doing strenuous activities during the termination process, as it may lead to prolonged bleeding. After 14 days, that is, the completion of the termination with Abortion pills, you can have a follow-up scheduled to ensure there is no complication of Abortion.

Are these Abortion pills safe to use?

Yes. It is safe to use when administered at a recommended dose as directed eliminate gestation safely without any effects on health. The efficacy rate of this pregnancy termination procedure has been evidenced to be approximately about 95-98%.

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