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Signs Of A High Quality Web Designer

Signs Of A High Quality Web Designer
If you're looking to get your business website designed, you want to hire someone good. Someone who can make you a unique, responsive website that captures your brand.

If you're looking to get your business website designed, you want to hire someone good. Someone who can make you a unique, responsive website that captures your brand. But how do you know you're hiring a good designer? What should you look for in a web design company in Kansas City?


A great web designer must be creative. They need to have deep pools of inspiration and imagination to draw from to tackle your project. You don't want the same templates that a hundred other websites are using. They need to be able to take your idea and build on it. With your ideas and visions as a springboard, they need to showcase the unique value of your business.


Great web designers don't just follow design trends but also set them. You need a designer willing to push boundaries in ways compatible with your brand. This will make your brand stand out from your competitors. They need to be able to solve design problems in innovative ways that serve your customers and business.


A great web designer is passionate about their field. They read about marketing trends, they keep up with design news and they are eager to keep learning more. If this is only a job for your web designer, it will show in the quality of their work. You'll get lifeless designs that seem like all the others on the internet.

Detail Oriented

A great web designer will take your big idea and turn it into reality. This is hard to do if your designer isn't very detail-oriented. Even the simplest designs can have a powerful effect with the right details. You and your customers will likely only look at the overall design and its impact. But to create that effect, the designer has to work through all the details.

Critical Thinker

Being a great web designer isn't only about the artsy side. A critical thinking web designer can find design solutions for your business goals.  For example, creating a responsive website requires critical thinking about how your customers will interact with your website. If the designer can't help you create the right user experience, you will not have the impact you hoped.

Ability to take Constructive Criticism

A good web designer doesn't take criticism and feedback from a client personally. They have to realize they are part of a team and work to materialize your vision for your website. A good web designer will use feedback as a learning opportunity. If your designer dismisses or gets angry with your opinion, it's time to have a talk about how best to work together.

Eager to Learn More

An amazing web designer will be eager to keep learning. Design trends, web technology, and online demands continuously evolve. The right designer will keep learning new skills to meet the changing demands of their field. They will experiment with new technologies and keep pushing their own limitations. They will also be eager to learn about your business and industry. This will help them understand what your customers are looking for from your website.

Good Communication

Communication skills are key in many fields. But the designer who can't communicate their ideas or keep you updated on the project will quickly become frustrating. The web designer you hire will be a member of your team. Their ability to work and communicate with your team is vital for the launch of your website. There is nothing more annoying than a designer who won't respond to emails and take months to get back to you.


A web designer that isn't flexible enough to consider other's opinions will be hard to work with. You might not always agree with your designer about how to approach a particular problem. But at the end of the day, this is your website and the designer needs to be able to fulfill your vision.


Picking Your Web Designer

Picking a web designer is a big job. The web designer creates the online version of the first impression for your customers. Your website is your online business card. So picking a designer that can work well with you and your team is vital. They need to be able to build on your vision to make an experience that your customers will talk about. So make sure your web design company in Kansas City has the qualities we listed above.

What are the most important qualities you look for from your web design company in Kansas City? Tell us in the comments!

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