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Top 9 Country Clothing Trends of All Time

Top 9 Country Clothing Trends of All Time
We are personally obsessed with country style and its timeless aesthetic, so we wanted to round up some of the best country clothing trends of all time.

Country music influences the soul of southern America, and with soul comes style. The typical country loving American girl loves shopping at country clothing boutiques both online and in person. We are personally obsessed with country style and its timeless aesthetic, so we wanted to round up some of the best country clothing trends of all time.

#1 Nudie Suits
Nudie suits are a vintage throwback that is not o be overlooked. When 'classic' country was in its heyday, the most prominent stars were wearing nudie suits.
What are Nudie Suits?
Nudie Suits were created by Nudie Cohn who immigrated to the United States in 1913 from Ukraine. Nudie created made-to-measure suits for the biggest names in country music from Johnny Cash to Dolly Parton.

Nudie Suits were decorated in bring colors, elaborate rhinestones, and glamorous rhinestones that could be sported from three miles away.
#2 High in the Sky, Big Country Hair
Southerners love big hair, and it is thanks to country style and influence. IN the 70's Dolly Parton and Farrah Fawcett, both Southern Girls rocked big, bold hair everywhere they went. Today, you have seen big hair in the form of curls and extensions. One signal that big hair will never go away is that is has permeated into other cultures. Think RuPaul's drag race, The bigger the hair, the more 'wow' factor. Big hair for country girls has been one of the best trends we have seen.
#3 Fringe
Fringe will never die! Fringe is part of the quintessential country clothing look. Inspired by Native Americans, country music men and women embrace the style and work it on album covers and at concerts. You will find city folks wearing fringes on bags and earrings and at popular music festivals like AfroPunk or Coachella. Fringe is such a classic trend that you can find it at nearly every Country Clothing Boutique in America! Not only is fringe elegant, but it is eternally stylish. You have fringe on a summer dress or a winter scarf.

#4 All things shiny
Sequins and rhinestones are an old trend that is are the perfect country trend. If we go back to the early days of country music, we will see both women and men dressed in shiny gowns and rhinestone pants. Made mainstream by the Nudie suit, shiny embellishments and sparkly add-ons became trendy and mainstream. We are still loving all things shiny in 2019; everything from two-toned sequins to glitter make-up is a testament to the longevity of all things shiny.

#5 Denim
What is country style without denim?
Traditionally, denim was worn for practical reasons. People wore denim to work in factories or outdoors. Like the orgin of most country styles, clothing was not for fashion, but for working people who wore slothing meant to protect them from extreme weather and working conditions. Think of the people in the new west trying to protect themselves from rain, snow, dust storms, and heavy gears. Of course, like any rugged style, sity people started to adopt the look. These days, we have so many choices from denim that most of us country girls have at least three pairs of jeans and probably a cool demin jacket.
#6 The denim skirt
The denim skirt is a piece of clothing that you can find in any country clothing boutique. This is probably that best trend that has ever come out of country clothing. The denim skirt comes in many lengths, from floor length to micro-mini. We are personally loving the midi-denim skirt with button fronts. Not only can you wear this out, but you can wear it to work too. The denim skirt can be both trendy and formal depending on what you pair it with. The best part is that it has a timeless, western feel.

#7 Denim shorts
Made famous by Shania Twain and other 90s country-pop stars, denim cut-off shorts are here to stay and a fun summer addition to any wardrobe. Just add a plaid shirt and cowboy boots, and you can look cute when you are going to the county fair or the Calgary Stampede. You can make your own cut-off denim shorts from old Levis' from the thrift store, or from a pair of jeans you don't wear anymore. There are so many great tutorials online to choose from.
#8 Cowboy boots
Speaking of cowboy boots, this is a country western footwear trend that has stood the test of time. When you wear a pair of cowboy boots, you look distinctly "Western." However, as a country girl, you know that there are so many styles or cowboy boots, that you can never have enough colors or styles to fit your mood. This year, we are loving the pointy-toed boots, but the square-toed boots made popular by early country stars, and real cowboys are an excellent investment and solid pieces. There are so many country clothing boutiques you can find cowboy boots in that a quick google search will bring you to a pair of boots you love.
#9 Turquoise jewelry
What is a country trend list without turquoise and silver jewelry? This is a classic native American color combination and was widespread in the early 2000s in almost every country circle. You can find high-end vintage turquoise jewelry on eBay or in high-end stores, or you can get some costume jewelry from various country clothing boutiques online and in person.
Honorable mention: Mullets
Once upon a time, over 85% of country stars in the 1980s had a mullet. This isn't a significant trend, but it deserves an honorable the classic, 'business in the front, party in the back' style was sported on the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus and Alan Jackson and Blake Shelton in the 2000s

Now you know the top country trends of all time. Now you can add any of these looks to your wardrobe and pair it with your imagination to create a little western flair the next time you go out or head to work. Country clotting is here to stay, and with a bit of imagination, you can add country western flair like the great stars Wearing country clothing styles is sure to add an adventurous dimension to any activity. Visit your closest country clothing boutique to shop the above trends today!

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