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Try These 7 Board Games At Your Next Dinner Party

Try These 7 Board Games At Your Next Dinner Party
If you are looking for great board games, this list is for you. We are going to let you know what games you should bring out at your next dinner party.

You love to entertain, but you want to make sure that your guests are entertained after dessert. Board games are a perfect way to keep your guests entertained and engaged after dinner. It is also a great way to steer clear of politics and religion when you are entertaining a diverse group of people. Board games are a great way to bring all types of people together and create strong bonds and friendships. If you are looking for great board games, this list is for you. We are going to let you know what games you should bring out at your next dinner party. These are classic games that almost everyone will know how to play and are great fun. When you find the right board game for you on this list, visit a board game store in Kansas City to support local and prepare for a great time!

We rated these board games based on

1.       Classic Status.

To achieve classic status, we consider how long the game has been around. If most people have heard about the board game and if lots of people mention the game on television, on social media. Finally, we determine if the board games are readily available at a board game store in Kansas City.

2.       Playability

            Are they easy and fun to play? Are the rules simple enough to explain and follow?

3.       Strategy

            Is there some form of strategy involved? There isn't too much forward thinking needed for the game, but there is just enough to make it fun.



This is the classic board game that tests your vocabulary and ability to work around other people's moves. This game involves just the right amount of strategy and is pretty easy as long as you know how to spell!

Scrabble is a great game that uses a crossword-esque format and adds strategy to the mix. You have to make sure that you dig deep into your vocabulary to create the longest word possible from random letters. In this game, you have to strategically place your letter tiles in bonus spaces and use those pesky Qs properly.

This is a great dinner party game for a sophisticated lot because the game rewards players that can produce lengthy words and who have extensive vocabularies.

Winning as scrabble is easy, whoever has the most points for all their words wins!

This is a classic and well-loved game the world over. Scrabble has been played in over 25 languages, 29 to be exact, and over 150 million board games have been sold!

Scrabble encourages a series of linguistic skills: developed vocabulary, excellent spelling, and imaginative associations between letters along with numeracy and arithmetic skills for tabulating totals and keeping score.

Cards Against Humanity

This is the ultimate game for adults and a cult classic. A dinner party isn't really complete without Cards Against Humanity. Cards Against Humanity lets your dinner party guests fill in the blanks of statements with politically incorrect or raunchy phrases.

This is a straightforward game to play. Everyone begins with ten white cards that are essentially 'fill-in-the-blank' cards, and then a black card with the requisite blanks that are to be filed is chosen. When the black card is read, the players have to fill in the blanks with the words on their white cards.

The person who reads the black card aloud gets to choose the funniest response, and the person who submitted the answer gets the point. While it may not seem like a strategic game, it is crucial to gauge the person reading the black cards' type of humor to get as many points as possible.

This is the perfect game for people who are comfortable with each other and are not offended easily.

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is the best game for collaborative efforts and is the best game to choose if people are just getting to know each other at a dinner party. In this game, players have to develop an island called Catan with the resources of the land. The resources include lumber, wool, brick, and grain. Players can trade these resources to build roads and houses.

This game requires collaboration and strategy to become the winner, and each game is different.  Catan is a cult classic that requires cognitive and emotional intelligence to play effectively. Your guests will love this game, and it can be found at many Board Game Store in Kansas City.


Scattergories is so popular that there is an app for it! This game is perfect for 2 to 6 players, and it features a 20-sided die. While this die is intimidating at first glance, it is actually a single die with letters. These letters help players select categories to be guessed within a time limit for 3 rounds.

Once a letter is selected, a timer begins, and the person whose turn it is writes down as many words that fit into the category correctly. You have to try and be unique in your words because you can lose a point of another player challenges you on the validity of your word.

This is a fun and fast game with infinite possibilities as rounds last under five minutes and emphasizes making decisions under pressure and can be easily found at a board game store in Kansas City!


The ultimate whodunnit board game. This game has been in existence since 1950, and players must solve the crime by answering the 'who' 'where' and 'how' questions. The game is set in a mansion where players have to move around the board in various rooms, dark hallways, and dark spaces to figure out who committed the crime and with what weapon and where in the mansion they did it.

Once a player thinks they know the answer to all these questions, they compare it to the truth in 'the fact envelope.' If they are wrong, they lose, so they have to be pretty confident in their answer.

There are so many spin offs for this game that you are sure to find an edition that suits your tastes and the personalities of your guests. Many different versions can be found at board game stores in Kansas City like Level One Gaming. Clue is perfect for honing deductive reasoning skills and has fun, ever-changing plot development, which helps to contribute to the overall strategic play.

Trivial Pursuit

This is the ultimate game for trivia buffs. Players can choose from categories like geography, sports, or leisure. Trivial Pursuit is fantastic for groups that are always learning and well-read. Players roll the dice to determine how far they advance along with handy question cards. There are so many variations for trivial Pursuit that you can never get bored if you are playing with a new group or people.


Pictionary is a team structured image-based charades game! This fun group game provides word prompts on a card that players must draw on a whiteboard. The catch is that the player drawing must do so in a short amount of time and without using numbers, letters, gestures, or their voice.

This game is particularity engaging and boisterous as most people are horrible illustrators. The team with the best guessers and drawers eventually will get the most points and teams will fill up a series of squares with game pieces to reach the end of the board and become the winners!

This is a fantastic game for the imaginative and those who can communicate well.

Now you know the best board games to find at a Board Game Store in Kansas City for your next dinner party. Happy gaming!
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