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Advantages of local newspaper advertising

Advantages of local newspaper advertising
Many businesses have seen tremendous benefits from local newspaper advertising. It is a marketing strategy.....

Many businesses have seen tremendous benefits from local newspaper advertising. It is a marketing strategy that has proven to be an efficient way of reaching targeted customers and growing your brand presence. When you advertise in a local newspaper, you can easily attract local residents to your bricks and mortar store and give them enticing offers that resonate with them and the local market. If you are new to local newspaper advertising, here are a few things that you need to know to incorporate it into your marketing mix effectively.

Who Can Benefit The Most From Local Newspaper Advertising?

The companies that can benefit the most from local newspaper advertising are small and medium-sized businesses. Businesses have seen more foot traffic, sales, phone calls, and increased brand awareness from running ads in the newspaper. While there are other mediums of local advertising like radio and television, GoogleAds, and social ads, local print ads, which includes paper, magazine, and trade publications are still excellent investments with better ROI. Here are a few reasons why local newspaper advertising is the best option for local advertising.

Local Newspaper Advertising is Affordable

Local newspaper advertising is less expensive per impression than television, direct mail, or radio advertising. The best part about local print advertising is that there is no time limit to the exposure of your ad or article, so your customer can view it repeatedly and whenever they want to! There are also more flexible timelines with submitting your creative, which makes it easy for a smaller operation to take advantage of the advertising medium.

Print Reaches a Responsive Audience

In case you didn’t know, your average local publication reaches more people than a regular half-an-hour television show. The most significant part about print advertising is that you are targeting a specific type of person who wants to see your message and support local businesses. That is why print is more effective for reach and targeting. The audience that you are reaching finds value in print advertising and incorporates it as part of their daily routine. They are likely looking closely at the ads to see if a business will solve their problem.

Local Print Advertising Establishes Trust

Unlike the internet and social media sites, print advertisements go through stricter reviews, and the audience that reads them knows that. It is tough for misleading or false advertising to run in a print magazine or local newspaper because publishers know that such ads could damage their reputation and brand value.
Readers know and appreciate this, and that is why they are more likely to trust print advertising over digital advertising.

Local Newspaper Advertising Tips

Design Your Own Ad

Many times, when you inquire about placing an ad in your local newspaper, the sales representative will ask you if you want them to create the ad for you at no additional cost. This is a mistake. If you cannot create the ad yourself due to time restraints or lack of writing skills, it is better to hire a freelancer to create the ad. This way, you can give the freelancer detailed instructions and communicate the intent of your ad effectively. If you leave it up to the newspaper, you are likely to get a poor-quality, generic ad that has been used for hundreds of other businesses.

Run A Similar Ad Consistently

It is in your best interest as a business to run the same ad or at least the same format consistently. This will help to get readers familiar with your brand and style. When you run an ad repeatedly, it helps to increase impressions, and that will help with your conversions and ROI. You can always make small changes to your copy or offer, but just make sure to keep the format and style the same.

Make Sure Your Ad Looks Professional

You don’t need original, high-end photography or artwork in your ad, but you do need to make sure that your ad looks professional. Many freelancers can create a professional looking ad with a smaller budget. The most important thing is that your ad is clear, easy to read, and speaks to your target market.

Run Your Ad on A Day That Works for Your Customer

If you are a pizza delivery company, you may want to run your ads on Thursday and Friday when customers don’t feel like cooking. If you are in the professional service industry like law or dentistry, you may want to run your ads Monday to Wednesday, when your customers are looking to make calls and book appointments. Make sure you have a good understanding of your market and then run ads based on the needs of your customers.

Run Your Ad in the Right Section

If you are selling barbecues, maybe you need to run your ad in the sports or home section of a magazine or newspaper. The more specific your product, the better you need to place your ad; however, if you have a generic product or service, it may not matter where you place your ad. You can also experiment with ad placement over a month or quarter to see which position works best for your business.

Look Out for Cheap Ad Space

When you have a limited budget, look out for remnant newspaper advertising. Remnant newspaper advertising is unsold newspaper space that you can have at a discounted price. Search for a reliable remnant ad broker who will help you make the right decisions and negotiate on your behalf. You can run ads alongside large organizations for a fraction of the cost and still reap the benefits of a local newspaper ad.

Many small- to medium-sized businesses like yours are missing out on the benefits of local print media advertising. Just because internet marketing is popular right now, it doesn’t mean that print advertising is dead. You can create an effective newspaper advertising campaign that integrates well with your digital advertising efforts and drives traffic to your physical location.

Contact your local Coffee News Paper in Kansas City to see the options available to your business, and see how you can generate a positive ROI with print advertising.

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